Is Event travel planning giving you a headache?

About Us

Where would you rather stay?


At Premium Event Solutions, we make the easy answer to that question not only accessible, but more affordable than if you were to book conference room space at a local motel. 

When a person(or persons) signs up for a time-share, they are also allotted extra points through their bank and exchange, typically referred to as bonus weeks. 

Should the Timeshare owner decide they’d like to, they can activate those bonus weeks for additional vacation time. This process has zero to do with their actual deeded points through their Timeshare. 

At Premium Event Solutions, we connect timeshare owners with business owner's in order to fullfill both sides of our client-type's satisfaction.

Trust needs to be earned

Which is why, unlike other company’s, we back what we say Premium Event Solutions can provide with guarantees tied to a legal document meant to protect you in the event you’re dissatisfied.